Personal Development Cork provide workshops to corporate clients and group workshops for individuals. The workshops are designed to meet specific needs and take the format of lectures, physical participation and feedback discussions.

The aim is to provide clients with the necessary practical coping skills to deal with everyday stressors, either in the workplace both organisational and personal, in the home, or in the professional world.

The workshops are specifically designed to meet the needs of the client and take the form of lectures, interactive workshops, and seminars. One of our presenters will meet with you and discuss your needs and offer any one of our areas of expertise.

Talks and seminars available include

Work Life Balance

These workshops focus on Planning and Getting The Balance Right. This involves exploring Personality Types, Coping Skills, Vision, Strategies, Goal Setting. We use methods of visualisation and relaxation to enable you to reach a point of awareness that facilitates understanding and implementation. Very practical and inspiring.

Stress Management

These workshops teach the basics of the biological and physiological functions of the stress response. You will learn how to recognise the stress response in yourself and in others. You will perfect techniques to cope with stressful situations in the workplace and personal or home. Awareness and Perception are key areas that will be explored and developed. This workshop is exciting, scientific and relaxing. Very popular. Stress Management is now recognised as an integral part of modern society, and an invaluable part of your own wellness programme.

Anger Management

Anger is a normal and natural human emotion and when managed properly it’s not a problem. We are not robots and it would be downright weird if we never got angry!  That said, anger can become an issue or start to negatively effect your life if it becomes overwhelming, or out of control. People with poor anger management are more likely to have problems with personal relationships or work, verbal and physical fights and/or damaged property. They can also experience anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, psychosomatic illnesses and problems with alcohol or drugs. It is important to manage anger before it leads to other serious problems.

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