Love Yourself Heal Your Life® is the philosophy of Louise Hay, an internationally acclaimed lecturer, teacher and author of over 27 books on self-healing. Make her wisdom yours. True clarity and vision is not difficult to achieve once you have the tools to guide you.

Hi! I am Kathleen Dennehy and I am thrilled to be offering Heal Your Life Workshops. I started my journey into Heal Your Life Work in 2013. I fell in love with the ideal of guiding others to create the life they have always dreamed of. I offer my clients the knowledge of insight, understanding, and perspective that can only be gained through personal experience. My purpose and commitment are to be compassionate, authentic and safe as well as intuitive, inquisitive and insightful. I believe we all have the possibility of achieving vibrant health in mind, body and spirit! I look forward to the possibility of assisting you on your journey.

Will a Heal Your life™ Workshop help me?

If you are ready for change and willing to explore patterns and behaviours that may have been blocking you from true growth, these workshops will facilitate you in helping to change these patterns and view life from a different perspective, easily letting go of that which no longer serves you and welcoming in positivity and prosperity.

Getting the most from the workshops

  • You made a decision for change
  • You are looking to explore options
  • You want to move forward /let Go of the Past
  • You want to gain knowledge and new skills
  • You want to reduce stress/anxiety
  • You want to increase self-esteem
  • You want to reduce anger/stress
  • You want to make time for yourself
  • Recognise your own strengths
  • You want support to move forward in a caring supportive space

Heal your Life™ Workshops available

  • Change Your Thinking Loose The Weight 6 week course
  • 1/2 Heal Your Life Workshops/One and Two days
  • Experience your Good Now 4 hours
  • Stress Management 6 week course
  • Healthy Wealthy Wise 3 hours
  • Meditation and Guided Imagery 3 hours
  • The Total of Possibilities 4 hours
  • Relationship Magic 4 hours
  • Ordering From The Cosmic Kitchen 4 weeks
  • Money and Consciousness 3hours/ 1 day
  • Teen Empowerment 6 weeks

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